Hog Roast Cook-Off


Struggling to find something exciting to do this this time of year? Why not invite the lads over and indulge in a sizzling spit roast. At Big Roast, we offer our very own hog roast hire so you can control the meal.

By hiring one of our hog roast machines you can add your own marinade, (or try our Ultimate Barbeque Marinade) control the crackling and serve your guests like a pro. You’ll be sure to claim the cook-off crown!

Just in case you need some extra help, we prepared a guide for you.

Guide to The Perfect Hog Roast Cook-Off

You will need

  • Enough charcoal for your spit roast machine, you don’t want to run out half way through your cook-off. Our rental prices come with a machine hire as well as your hog.
  • Salt for seasoning and a secret sauce of course.
  • Tongs, prongs, a calving knife and any other utensils needed to help you check that your hog is healthily roasted.
  • Numerous drinks and an audience to impress.

Top Tips

  • Make sure your hog is secured firmly, it tends to flop around while rotating due to its weight.
  • Slow and steady won the race, don’t rush the process. The key to a perfect roast is to take your time. Aim to check on your hog and heat every half hour or so.
  • When your hog is almost done, turn up the heat to get the crackling nice and crisp. The perfect roast starts with crispiness that melts away in your mouth.

With our hog hire and of course your expertise roasting skills you’ll be sure to claim the cook-off crown!

Feel free to visit Big Roast for more information about what we offer. To find out more about our events check out the Big Roast website or give one of our friendly office staff a call on 0845 500 5450. We look forward to hearing from you.

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