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At Big Roast, our passion lies with making great food and providing exceptional service delivery, event after event. Since 2006, we have catered hog, spit and lamb roasts for customers throughout London and the rest of the UK.

Our roasting options are sure to satisfy everyone’s preferences – from foodies to the KFC menu lovers.  Not only do we cook up a storm with our barbeques and roasting machines, we know how to provide a well-rounded meal.

Our extras include vegetarian options for all those non-meat eaters, scrumptious canapes, and mouth-watering desserts. Oh and salads, we wouldn’t want to forget a crunchy selection of fresh leaves and assortments.

Let’s get on with the roast options you can choose from:

Hog Roasts

Our hog roast options are ideal for outdoor events. Our roasting machines are completely weatherproof so we can do a hog roast for you come rain or shine. We take a whole pig and slow cook it over seven hours. Once roasted to perfection, we carve up the meat and crackling then serve to your guests.

Spit Roasts

A roast ideal for a party under 100 people, our spit roast is cooked in four hours. Our spit roasts or loins come in either pork, lamb or mixed options. You can enjoy a mixture of meats served in slices, basted in our secret marinade and lots of crackling.

Lamb Roasts

A winner for small events, our lamb roasts weigh about 22 kilograms. Our lamb cuts are roasted in a traditional rotisserie style and served with rolls, topped with a delectable mint sauce. Let us cater for you and you could be enjoying a lamb roast in four hours or less.

Choose from our spit, lamb and hog roast catering options and treat yourself to a selection of food that your guests will sure not soon forget. If you would like to book Big Roast, please do not hesitate to call us on 0845 500 5450.

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