The Key To A Good Hog Roast

At Big Roast, we love a good hearty hog roast. We’re all about taste and flavour! We spend our days perfecting our recipes. Have you ever wondered what the key to a good hog roast is? Well, we’re here to share our secrets with you!

Patience Is Key

With over 10 years of experience in the hog roasting industry, our chefs have perfected the art of patience. Slow cooking a hog or lamb roast allows time for flavours to develop and the meat to tenderise. It takes around seven hours for us to cook and serve our delicious roasts. We definitely know how to cook to absolute perfection.

It’s All About That Baste…

During the seven hours of cultivating your delicious meal, our highly skilled chefs continuously baste your hog or lamb roast with a tasty mix of herbs and sauces meaning by the time the meat hits your mouth it is nothing but mouth-watering heaven. Never forget to baste!

Keep The Fire Going!

We know how to cook a mean roast. We also know how to stoke and maintain the perfect fire. We know how to maintain the perfect heat. Too much heat can lead to burning the meat and too little can lead to undercooking.
As well as providing delicious meals across London, we also sell hog roast machines. Our high quality hog roast machines are available for purchase from just £2,400 and are made from 100% stainless steel.

For more information on our hog and lamb roasts, why not head over to our website, alternatively you can give us a call on 0845 500 5450.

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