How Many People Do Our Roasts Serve?


Big Roast are the original spit and hog roast company. We pride ourselves on our delicious meat, tasty sides and talented chefs.

Are you looking at using Big Roast for your next event? Find out below how many people our roasts serve below.

Big Roast’s Hog Roast

We have three sizes of hogs to choose from.

  • A Standard Hog Roast

Our standard hog roast can serve up to 100 portions and provides a hearty amount of delicious crackling. If you are hosting an event of around 80 people, we recommend this option for you.

  • A Large Hog Roast

Our large hog roast serves up to 125 portions of delicious pork. This is the perfect option if you have around 100 guests.

  • An Extra Large Hog Roast

This larger than life hog roast can serve up to 140 portions and is ideal for an event that has around 125 guests.

All of our hog roasts are served with freshly baked bread rolls and yummy applesauce. To find out more about our hog roast options click here.

Big Roast’s Lamb Roasts

Our whole lamb roast can feed up to 45 people, making it the ideal option for smaller events. If you are interested in our lamb roast, we recommend you have no less than 15 people.

Our lamb roast comes with a fresh bread roll and homemade mint sauce. For more information on our lamb roasts click here.

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