The Secret Behind Our Hog Roast Sauce

We all have that one special ingredient that brings together an award winning dish! Whether it is a secret sauce or secret spice – it’s top secret and may not be shared. It’s that moment when your guests’ ask “so, what’s your secret?” and all you can do is smile and not say a word.

Well, Big Roast has a secret to tell – we said tell not share! We guess you’ll have to hire us for your next occasion and experience the secret. Big Roast ensures that our guests experience the best quality service.

We all know that sauce is a very important ingredient to have when cooking. It adds extra flavour and tingles the taste buds in just the right spots. Sauces help mature the tenderness of your meat so that it simply melts in your mouth. Let’s not forget about licking the leftover sauce on your fingers after you’ve eaten.

Over the years, Big Roast has achieved the perfect sauce for our meat. It’s top secret and cannot be shared – let’s face it – if everyone knows about it then it’s no longer a secret.

Juicy Facts About Our Secret Sauce

  • Our secret sauce is Halaal and Kosher friendly
  • The sauce is perfect for any roast option
  • Guaranteed finger licking
  • Able to tantalise your taste buds
  • Our chefs handle it with extra care and ensures the sauce is well spread
  • You won’t need any extra spices
  • Definitely made to perfection

Trust us, this is the real deal! Put yourself out of the misery and book your next roast with us.

Big Roast offers delicious hog, spit or lamb roasts. Our experts are qualified to roast the perfect piece of meat and we also have the perfect sides to compliment your roast. Our canapés are tasty and are the perfect bite size to get your taste buds working. Choose from a variety of tartlets, quiches, skewers and cocktail bites.

Let’s not forget about dessert! Worry about the calories later! We have a range of desserts including chocolate brownies, carrot cake and citrus polenta cake.

This has been a mouthful – no pun intended, promise.

Feel free to contact Big Roast for your next event. If you would like to know more information about what we offer and our various roast options by clicking here.

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to give one of our friendly office staff members a call on 0845 500 5450 or email us at You can also chat to us via our website.Our staff members will gladly help you and provide the necessary information. We aim to work closely with you to ensure your occasion is a success.

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