Refreshing Summer Drinks to Enjoy with Your BBQ

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy a well-cooked BBQ with family and friends in the comfort of your garden. Having a refreshing summer drink on the side is always welcome!

Winter has passed and it’s time to enjoy summer and soak up some sun. Book a BBQ with us and enjoy great barbeque packages! Along with our delicious meat, we offer a gas barbeque, serving tables, a gazebo, rolls and sauces.

What’s a BBQ without a drink? We all know a refreshing summer drink is always a winner. We have decided to put a list of delicious summer drinks your guests will enjoy. Best of all they are easy to make and the ingredients are tasty. We are here to ensure that your BBQ is this summer’s highlight.

Delicious Refreshing Summer Drinks

  • Lemonade Iced Tea is an all-time favourite. All you need is 2 lemons, some sugar, fresh mint leaves, 6 black tea bags and fresh lemon juice.
  • Cucumber Mint Water is so refreshing. Just add 1 small cucumber, fresh mint, lime and 12 cups of cool filtered water.
  • Summer Peach Tea Punch is great for summer! The ingredients are easy, add 3 tea bags, mint leaves, peach nectar, frozen lemonade, sugar syrup and ginger together.
  • Blackberry Sweet Tea is perfect for those who may have a sweet tooth. All you need is blackberries, sugar, tea bags and boiling water. Let it simmer and cool…mmmm.
  • A Ginger Tea Punch will get your taste buds moving. All you will need for this mix is 10 cups of water, orange tea bag, sliced ginger, sugar, 3 cups of ginger ale and a touch of mint. Pop in some ice cubes for an extra chill.

The above refreshing summer drinks are perfect for any BBQ. Big Roast offers tasty extras which compliment your BBQ. Whether you are looking for canape options. We have a wide range to choose from. We have mini quiches and tartlets which are great appetisers.

If you have guests who do not eat meat – not too worry! We have awesome vegetarian options to choose from. We offer Cheese and Onion Quiches, Tomato and Basil Tarts, Goat Cheese and Red Onion Tarts and Feta, Rosemary and Black Olive Tarts. Did that get your taste buds going? Well, we sure do hope they did.

Feel free to contact Big Roast for your next event. If you would like to know more information about what we offer and our various roast options visit our website.

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