The Difference Between Hog Roast Machines and Loin Machines

The difference between a loin roast and hog roast is actually quite simple. A loin roast refers to the type of cut of meat being used were as a hog roast is all about the size of the entire animal being cooked.

There are many ways to describe very similar ways of roasting pork along with several plans for roasting meat: low or high-temperature cooking or a combination of both, while the oven is roasting the meat, hot air circulates around the meat, cooking all sides evenly. The different methods depend on peoples tastes and the food.

So why choose one option opposed to the other?

Pork loin runs along the back of the pig from the legs to the shoulder and includes the upper portion of the pig’s body. There are three main parts of a loin; the blade, centre and sirloin, all three are used for roasts. They are also boneless so it is easy to cut, taking it off the roast completely could also be an easier option.

The loin roast machines are robust and cost effective units, using charcoal with an electric motor which powers the rotating spits. The loin roast machine is almost half the price of the hog roast machine, and easier to transport to events as it is lighter in kilograms, and detachable, so it is easy to store.

A hog roast, on the other hand, is where the pig simply sits in a large oven tray and cooks in a big oven powered by two gas burners on a very low flame. The benefits to a hog roast are: they are very easy to do, almost impossible to get wrong, so the hog roast machines are great for hiring out for hog roast events where you need to serve hot pork all afternoon and the meat doesn’t dry out.

Our hog roast machines have been tried and tested and can handle a spit roast pig or lamb with ease. They are gas fueled with an electric motor, capable of comfortably and consistently turning a full sized 60kg hog. Suitable for both pig roast and lamb roasts, you can oven roast over thirty chickens within the machine too.

If the event is outdoors, both hog roast machine and loin roast machines can be operated manually in the case of no electricity.
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