The All-Encompassing Hog Roast Event

What does the all-encompassing roast entail? This is something you should ask yourself – “What do I want”? This post aims to aid you in answering that question.

Our roasts are offered complete – meaning that we have everything you need in order to have and host a successful roast event. We cater to many different events such as weddings, corporate events, and private parties.

These events are broken down individually with its own unique offerings which you can choose from in order to make your event special.

You can choose between a lamb roast which is a perfect solution for smaller gatherings and a spit roast which is perfect for larger events such as 80-100 people. We also offer a bespoke bbq catering service through Barbeque King.

Now that you have chosen your meat to roast, we have an array of extras to accompany your roast. You will need to choose accompaniments to your roast.

Our Hog Roast Event Extras

Vegetarian Options

Do you have friends who are vegetarian? Do not exclude them as we offer an array of vegetarian extras which you can choose from to accommodate for them.

You can browse our range of vegetarian options here.

Canapé Options

Delicious canapés to give your guests something to nibble on while they socialise and wait for their serving of hot, tender and tasty roast.

You can browse our full range of hog roast event canapé options here.

Dessert Options

Something sweet to top off your roast? We have got you covered. Whether you are a chocolate brownie fan or a moist carrot cake enthusiast, you can browse our range of dessert options here.


Planning a big bash? Surely you will need some form of entertainment. From music to balloon artists, we have the entertainment to cater for all ages.

You can browse and book our roast event entertainment options here.

If you have any questions about your hog roasts event please contact us by either calling us on 0845 500 5450 or, email us at or by filling in our contact form outside of office hours and we will get back to you.

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