5% Off Your Christmas Party Roast

Tis’ that time of year again, where you need to wipe the cobwebs off your fine dining cutlery, put on your Santa hat and listen to your favourite Christmas album on repeat. It’s also the time to start planning and picturing what you ultimately want your Christmas party to look and taste like!

To get into the spirit of Christmas here at Big Roast, we are gifting you a 5% discount off our Big Roast services for your Christmas themed party.

Christmas Party – Let Big Roast Cater For You

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a warm roast for your guest to enjoy. Why not earn major Christmas party cred with our roast catering service.

Lamb Roast Offering

Our lamb spit roast is prepared on a traditional rotisserie style spit and served in succulent cuts with a soft roll and distinct mint sauce. Our full lamb spit roast is complimented with garlic, rosemary and crispy roasted potatoes. Further to this, we offer tender lamb loin roasts which are suitable for smaller events as less preparation time is needed.

Hog Roast Offering

Our hog roast packages are wholehearted and delicious. See our hog roast videos from our former Big Roast events to get a glimpse of the experience you could enjoy for your Christmas themed party.

Spit Roast Offering

Slow cooked spit roasts are another one of our specialities, with spit roasts we can serve lamb and pork simultaneously. The pork loins are enjoyed in mouth-watering slices, basted in select marinade and joined by crackling. The tender lamb loins are rolled shoulders and full of flavour, based in a sauce and cut into tasty slivers to serve.

Don’t Forget The Extras

It doesn’t stop with our roast offering, make your life easier for your Christmas themed party and treat your guests to our spectacular canapes, fresh premium salads, and to put the cherry on the cake, we have desserts!

Our all-encompassing roast catering will up the ante of your Christmas party, your guests will leave happy with their tummies satisfied, you never know they might leave wanting your Christmas party to be an annual occurrence!

Get in the Christmas Spirit and book now, get 5% discount using the Coupon code BIGXMAS.

For more information about our roast catering services, email contact@bigroast.com.


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