Grass VS Grain Fed Meat

One of the biggest arguments in the grain versus grass debate is that grass-fed beef is healthier and contains more nutritional value than grain-fed beef but is this really true?

Pasture reared animals get to enjoy an abundance of – you got it, grass. Lovely, green, juicy morsels, spouting from the ground for animals to enjoy at will. These are the grass-fed cows and chickens of our dreams. Grain fed animals are fed modified grains, corn, soy and other supplements and they gain weight quicker, essentially so they can be eaten sooner – which is not the case for grass fed meat.

Why are cattle grain fed?

Livestock are fed grain for numerous reasons, most commonly to maintain a predictable meat supply; meet the specific needs of customers and markets (for example the need for marbled meat), meet the energy needs of animals when pasture is limited (such as a drought) and to increase animal size.

The message we want you to take home from this post is to “eat real food” – by cutting down on the fast food restaurants and knowing what goes into the food you are consuming; your body will thank you.

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