The Spit Roast: Perfect for your private party



A spit roast is delicious.



If you’re looking for more of an answer, then here are some quick facts about our spit roasts, to entice you:


  • Private catering for a little less – our private party catering will ensure that you are treated to divine, succulent meat options that don’t hurt your pocket.
  • Private catering with a little more: we will help you every step of the way, ensuring that all your guests and, of course, you are very, very satisfied.
  • A little extra: everything from our canapés to our salads, will ensure a perfect balance to your meal.




Depending on the size of your event and your desired meat, we can cater the following:


  • A Lamb spit roast: succulent cuts of delicious and tender lamb, served with mint sauce and a roll. Lamb roasts are perfect for smaller events of around 50 people.
  • A Hog roast: Ideal for events of 100 persons and up, we serve whole hogs, roasted to perfection by our master roaster.
  • Spit roast: Can’t decide on lamb or pork? Our spit roasts can be built to suit you. Tender pork and Lamb loins cooked, carved and served by our chef’s right in front of your eyes!
  • Barbeque: If you’re hosting an even smaller private party and don’t think that a spit roast is for you, don’t hesitate. We have you covered by our Barbeque king.




English meat supplies us weekly with the freshest, free-range lamb and pork meat and will cater more specifically to any different requests from our customers.


The hogs are reared outside with individual shelter and bedding given to each litter. They are raised on organic vegetable and cereal stock feed and are given the natural freedom to roam and root.


Our lambs are free to roam the Suffolk countryside, grazing on large rich pastures. Our grass and milk-fed lamb is hung for 2 weeks allowing for a sweet taste and tender meat.


We can cater for your private party from 20 to 400 people within London and up to 20 miles outside the M25. For a quote, contact us through our email or call us on 0845 500 5450

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