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What an incredible year it has been for wedding catering!

Crafting your menu can be intimidating at first, but it is also an opportunity to specialise your special day. Here are some few top trends for a perfect wedding menu:

Skipping the Meat

Vegetarian mains have made a statement on wedding menus. Thinking outside the box veggie options will bring everyone to the table to share fresh and exciting mains. Keep your vegetarian friends happy with our range of delicious vegetarian options.

Forever Classic

Salads are an inevitable part of your wedding buffet, whether it’s a Classic potato salad or a coleslaw dish. We have classic salad options which are perfect as a light starter or meal accompaniment at great prices and are all freshly prepared by our Leith’s trained chef.

Loving Local

This is a trend everyone loves when it comes to weddings! More and more couples are opting for quality over quantity, insisting on locally-sourced meats. A roast will have your guests talking all night. We really pride ourselves at offering quality when it comes to a roast.

Dessert Drama

Guests rave when they see their favourite dessert on the menu. This year we have seen quite a lot of warm and comfort foods will all love, especially in the form of desserts. Our range of dessert options are endless and they are an easy, fun way to make your wedding just a little more unique.

At Big Roast we offer a relaxed catering that will transform your wedding into a unique event that is sure to be the talk of the day (after the bride of course). For more information, send us an email at

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