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Beer – it’s one of the oldest brewed beverages in the world and for good reason. Not only is there a variety of culture and history intertwined in beer, it also adds enjoyment to your party (if drunk responsibly, of course!) and it can even enhance the taste and flavour of food. If you are […]

If you’re planning on hosting an event in 2014, then we can guarantee that our Pork Loins are the perfect option for your next party! If you’re having a smaller gathering and need a catering solution that won’t leave a mountain of leftovers, we recommend treating your guest to our delicious Big Roast Pork Loin. There […]

Dazzle your guests with this sumptuous Pork Stock Recipe. Follow the simple steps provided below and add the WOW factor to your soups, Asian dishes and other recipes with this easy-to-follow guide.  Unleash the Jamie Oliver in you! Congratulations – you have made it through your first Hog Roast and it’s gone down a treat; your friends have […]

Canapés are a wonderful addition to a Hog Roast event, and we offer a fantastic variety of appetising options. The Big Roast team often get customers queries asking for advice on what type and how many canapés to order. Our menu includes a selected range of premium canapés to suit a wide variety of tastes. We are happy […]

Frequently asked questions about our hog roasting services by our customers. Are there any hidden costs? There is nothing worse than trying to deal with a company that, for whatever reason, won’t tell you their prices until you’ve spent half an hour on their website answering what seems like a hundred questions. At Big Roast […]

Information on the hog roast services we offer to customers across London and further afield. Please contact us directly to get more information about our hog roast services Areas we provide hog roast services in Big Roast has long been established as London’s biggest and best Hog Roast company and indeed 90% of our events […]

Big Roast are kicking off our new recipe blog section with a Jamie Oliver classic! We wanted to give our customers the information needed to cook great pork but in slightly smaller quantities than we’re used too. Everyone loves the original Essex boy Jamie Oliver and the simplicity of his recipes is a big plus point. Pork […]

Everyone knows what to expect from a hog roast. A beautifully prepared whole hog turning majestically over charcoal or electric burners. That’s a given. What people aren’t so sure about is how much a hog roast actually costs. This short blog post will quickly lay out how much our hog roast costs and exactly how much […]

A hog roast in the winter?! Yes, that’s right! Here at Big Roast we don’t let a little winter weather stop us roasting! Snow, hail, rain … We’ve produced gorgeous lamb and hog roasts in all sorts of conditions! We can roast outside while you stay toastie and warm indoors – then our chefs can […]