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Being a Hog Roast chef isn’t something that just anyone can do. Even cooks and chefs who have spent a working lifetime in kitchens and in catering environments have admitted that they couldn’t be Hog Roast chefs. One day you’re doing a hog roast in Chelsea and the next in Kent. Event locations and clientèle can be […]

Big Roast chefs often pass Kew Gardens, or to give it it’s full and proper title, The Royal Botanical Gardens, on their way to a Hog Roast in Wimbledon, Kew and Richmond areas. Few people realise the size of Kew Gardens, not only in terms of acres covered, but also in the staff it employs and the income […]

With the London 2012 Olympic Games imminent, Big Roast are preparing for what looks like being their busiest Hog Roast in London season ever. This will be in no short measure due to the extra Olympic events that have already been booked and the last minute Olympic related bookings we are expecting. Our Olympic bookings fall […]

Although, Big Roast is one of the biggest companies catering a hog roast in Chelsea or even London for that matter. We have quite a small, but very well trained and experienced staff. The first member of staff our potential clients meet is Gary, in the office.  Gary has an incredibly difficult task in that it […]

Most Big Roast‘s Hog Roast events can easily be managed by our well-trained and experienced chefs, but there are some events, usually weddings and large  corporate occasions when one chef couldn’t possibly do it alone. It is  usual for wedding events to want China plates and metal knives and forks rather than the good quality […]

Very occasionally Big Roast are asked about renting a Hog Roast machine by clients who, for whatever reason, want to cook and serve their This takes more than a little confidence as it’s quite a responsibility cooking for upwards of a hundred guests but we go through the process step by step when the client picks […]