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Big Roast have offered a Hog Roast in Wimbledon and beyond for many years. We do many weddings and of course the Big birthdays ie.  40th and 50th. Everyone of these are individual and special and Big Roast work hard to make them so but sometimes people make an enquiry for something just a little bit different. We […]

Big Roast do approximately 50 Hog Roast wedding  events per season and wedding events differ from our other events in that most order Canapés. We at Big Roast are proud of the delicious and varied canapé choices we offer. We suggest three to four canapés per person served perhaps an hour before the main Hog Roast meal and we of course […]

The Big Roast team were happy to celebrate their 50th Hog Roast in Chelsea at a private party last week. This makes Chelsea our top borough for Hog Roast events with Fulham coming a close second this season with 47 events. Being based in Wimbledon means Chelsea is one of our neighbours and therefore a popular […]

Big Roast caters many surprise party’s and having a hog roast never seems to disappoint. It is always a blast organising a birthday party, and with a Hog Roast you can ensure that the surprise is in full. Having delicious food at a party is an essential part to making it a success. So, how […]

Big Roast is perfect for events such as bonfire night. Everyone needs a reason to get together, so why not do it for the November 5th celebrations with a delicious Hog Roast? This is the perfect time to get together with family. It will also be a great way to discuss with your children about […]

Treat your guests at your Halloween Party with a delicious Spit Roast from Big Roast. This is a great time of the year and we offer great options to ensure that your Halloween Party will be one to remember. You can either choose to have it indoors or outdoors, either way, it will surely be […]

A Hog Roast from Big Roast would be an amazing idea for a great Halloween Party, both for young and old. Halloween is a great time to get together with family and friends and enjoy a great holiday together. It’s a fun time where everyone is all dressed up, kids enjoy the make believe of it […]

Big Roast are the right company for Hog Roasts, regardless of the venue. Whether you have hired a Hog Roast for a wedding, family gathering, or another type of gathering, with this weather surely being outside isn’t an option. It is far too cold to be outside, and with this unpredictable Fall weather it is […]

Imagine a beautiful wedding with an outdoor setting on a warm Autumn day with the smell of fresh flowers and delicious hog roast. Surely not only do you want to have a beautiful wedding that will impress all of your guests, but also a great dinner that will give them all the energy they need […]

If you are planning a family reunion this year don’t forget the hog roast! Family reunions are both fun and sometimes trying, especially if you are planning them yourself. Here are several things to consider when planning the next one: Activities, activities, activities: This doesn’t mean only for children, but for adults as well. Though […]