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By now, you have probably thought about what your Christmas menu will look like. This might be a spanner in works but did you know that we do roasts over the holiday period including Festive Season Roasts? Having the entire family over at your place can be a stressful time, especially when having to cater […]

The difference between a loin roast and hog roast is actually quite simple. A loin roast refers to the type of cut of meat being used were as a hog roast is all about the size of the entire animal being cooked. There are many ways to describe very similar ways of roasting pork along […]

Summer, a time that is celebrated all around the world for their own reason, of course. Let’s face it, the weather in London does not quite make the top list as a “summer destination” to the rest of the world but we celebrate summer and we simply love it. So, we talking about six weeks […]

  Hello Spring! Say goodbye to nights around the fire sipping on red wine and pull out the Prosecco and get out the deck chairs. We made it through yet another gruelling winter and what better way to celebrate than with a hog roast. It’s time to get all your mates together and there is […]