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By now, you have probably thought about what your Christmas menu will look like. This might be a spanner in works but did you know that we do roasts over the holiday period including Festive Season Roasts? Having the entire family over at your place can be a stressful time, especially when having to cater […]

Big Roast offers affordable and delicious roast packages. We are able to provide catering for any occasion, no matter the size! Besides enjoying the meat hot off the grill accompanied by our gourmet salads, why not make burgers or wraps! Serve your guests mouth-watering hog, spit or lamb roast meat on a bun or in […]

At Big Roast, we are passionate about everything to do with a good roast. We are well known in and around London for our spectacular hog and lamb roasts. Our lamb roasts are slow cooked on our traditional rotisseries and are served in rolls with a dollop of our secret recipe mint sauce. To make […]

Take your spit roast to the next level by adding rubs to your meat and jam pack it with flavour. Big Roast aims to always provide our customers with great food and exceptional service delivery. To ensure that your roast is flavoursome and easy on your palate, we have provided some yummy rubs to add […]

We’re famous for our hog roasts in and around London, the question remaining is have you tried our lamb roast? We love bringing people together over a good plate of food. Our lamb roasts are ideal for smaller gatherings of 50 or less people. The Big Roast chef will arrive at your venue four hours […]

We all know that spicing is an important element to every spit, hog or lamb roast. Big Roast are here to help you enhance your spicing techniques. Spit, lamb and hog roasts need to be carefully spiced to ensure the juiciness and succulence of the meat remains. Remember that hog roasts are already packed with […]

Very little beats a good old BBQ.  It’s social, uncomplicated, unpretentious, and just what you need after a long week at the office.  It’s the perfect way to get in touch with your inner caveman – just throw some meat on the grill, cook and eat. However, not everyone knows how to get the best […]

Dazzle your guests with this sumptuous Pork Stock Recipe. Follow the simple steps provided below and add the WOW factor to your soups, Asian dishes and other recipes with this easy-to-follow guide.  Unleash the Jamie Oliver in you! Congratulations – you have made it through your first Hog Roast and it’s gone down a treat; your friends have […]

Big Roast are kicking off our new recipe blog section with a Jamie Oliver classic! We wanted to give our customers the information needed to cook great pork but in slightly smaller quantities than we’re used too. Everyone loves the original Essex boy Jamie Oliver and the simplicity of his recipes is a big plus point. Pork […]