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Canapés are a wonderful addition to a Hog Roast event, and we offer a fantastic variety of appetising options. The Big Roast team often get customers queries asking for advice on what type and how many canapés to order. Our menu includes a selected range of premium canapés to suit a wide variety of tastes. We are happy […]

How big a Hog Roast or Spit Roast should I order ? The secret of a successful Hog Roast or Spit Roast event is to slightly over order whatever meat package desired. This allows for those guests, and there always are some, who will ask for extra generous servings and / or seconds. Our Standard […]

Can I order something that isn’t on the menu along with my Hog Roast? Everyone at Big Roast understands that every Hog Roast event is a special day for someone and we therefore go out of our way to try and provide everything the client wants. Our Menu, we believe, covers everything required for a great Hog […]

Can you supply Waiting Staff with my Hog Roast? Big Roast have a small but experienced  and  enthusiastic  team of Waiters ready to help out with your Hog Roast Event. Our team of waiters are of course experienced in helping the chef or chefs with the serving of our delicious Hog Roasts directly to the […]

What happens  my Hog Roast Booking if the weather is terrible? Thanks to the U.K ‘s unpredictable climate the question of what happens a Hog Roast booking if the weather is terrible is probably the number one concern of prospective clients . We at Big Roast are proud of the fact that we have never […]

Are there any Hidden Costs when I book a Hog Roast? There is nothing worse than trying to deal with a Hog Roast company that for whatever reason won’t tell you their prices until you have spent half an hour on their website answering what seems like a hundred questions. At Big Roast everything we […]

Where we do our Hog Roast For Hog Roast or Spit Roast events outside London we first need to determine how long it would take the chef to travel to and from the event venue, if the road network is good and how far the venue is from our offices in Wimbledon. These are the factors […]

One of the most frequently asked questions is – Does Big Roast do Barbeques? Along with our Hog Roasts and Spit Roasts we can also provide a delicious Big Roast Barbeque. Although we only offer Jumbo Sausages, Burgers and Cheeseburgers we at Big Roast believe that they are the best free- range Sausages, Burgers and Cheeseburgers […]

Vegetarian options at a Hog Roast Event. A Hog Roast is obviously a meat eaters dream but many Big Roast clients worry that their four or five vegetarian friends will feel left out or even worse, be left hungry. For this reason Big Roast has tried, tasted and tested many vegetarian options and ideas over […]

How many guests does a Hog Roast serve? How many guests does a Hog Roast Serve?  is probably our most frequently asked question. We at Big Roast have packages available to suit from small private family gatherings to large corporate affairs catering for one thousand and more. Hog Roast Sizes There are basically three size […]