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Big Roast were delighted to do Hog Roast Wedding in Chelsea in September. Our client was the grooms brother Robert who after a few drinks one evening had promised his brother that he would take care of the Catering arrangements. Robert, as you may have guessed rang Big Roast in a panic as time had […]

We at Big Roast feel we have everything covered in relation to what customers need and want from a Hog Roast in Chelsea, but of course there will be circumstances when we haven’t. There will always be enquiries from people who would like to do things just that little bit differently. Sometimes they don’t want to […]

Being a Hog Roast chef isn’t something that just anyone can do. Even cooks and chefs who have spent a working lifetime in kitchens and in catering environments have admitted that they couldn’t be Hog Roast chefs. One day you’re doing a hog roast in Chelsea and the next in Kent. Event locations and clientèle can be […]

Although, Big Roast is one of the biggest companies catering a hog roast in Chelsea or even London for that matter. We have quite a small, but very well trained and experienced staff. The first member of staff our potential clients meet is Gary, in the office.  Gary has an incredibly difficult task in that it […]

The Big Roast team were happy to celebrate their 50th Hog Roast in Chelsea at a private party last week. This makes Chelsea our top borough for Hog Roast events with Fulham coming a close second this season with 47 events. Being based in Wimbledon means Chelsea is one of our neighbours and therefore a popular […]

Imagine this: you’re relishing in your wonderful celebration, in your big day that’s going swimmingly, with everyone around you having a great time. You’re the perfect host, keeping the champers flowing and the nibbles circulating, and of course you chose well with Hog Roast Chelsea to do the catering. Then disaster strikes: everyone’s finished their […]