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Hog Roasts in London from Big Roast

As we’re sure you’re more than aware by now, we love a good party here at Big Roast, particularly if there are loads of activities and fun things for guests to participate in and enjoy. If you’re holding a hog roast Kent event, or indeed around any other area, we’ve got some great ideas for […]

We all know that keeping our brains active and exercised is very important; some might learn Japanese to keep things ticking over, or maybe just indulge in a couple of Sudoku a night. What is equally important, however, is the fuel we give our brains, and feeding them well makes them happy. So this week, […]

Following the astounding rise in people knowing lots of interesting things about pork- the key ingredient of any great hog roast London event- since last week’s blog instalment was published, we’ve got right on to getting writing the second part. And here it is, to hopefully make your mouths water. – When divided up and […]

There’s always one key ingredient when cooking up a storm at a delicious hog roast London event, and that is the hog itself (unless you’re doing a lamb roast, or indeed a vegetarian alternative, in which case it isn’t really a hog roast anyway….). In celebration of the humble meat that fills our tummies with […]

Punters who braved the September weather in order to bring joy and happiness to a Saturday afternoon last weekend at Tisbury carnival were certainly not let down, as all their senses were treated to the spectacular array of delights that were on offer for all to see and sample. Prior to the main event of […]

In last week’s blog, we helped thousands (possibly, this might not be entirely true…) of people break the ice between guests at their special hog roast Twickenham event, and as a result, many lasting friendships were formed- all because of some lovely party games. We are somewhat presuming this is case, although are hopeful of […]

Imagine this: you’ve gathered all your nearest and dearest around you, after months of planning for an ace party, and they’ve all arrived for your first hog roast Twickenham style (this means ‘extremely cool’ style). All the leg-work has been put in and there are even some lovely decorations to liven the place up. There […]

This year is a very special year for our Soph, as she reaches the ripe old age of 25. Yes, we’re amazed too, she really is ancient. Being the sort of crazy chick she is, she’s thinking that she’ll be organising some sort of exciting shindig, to get her friends and family together to, well, […]

Over the past year, as we’ve been catering for hundreds of hog roast Tower Hamlets (and all the other London boroughs), we’ve come to realise that sometimes people just can’t eat as much of our delicious hogs as they’d like. Rest assured, this has nothing to do with the quality of our pigs/lamb, just that […]

There’s nothing quite like settling down in front of your Facebook page after a hard day in the office (updating your status every few hours and looking at who’s been spotted/tagged at which social events), and checking out for the millionth time what everyone’s been up to. Maybe you’ll also feed the bunnies in your […]

There’s reason that we’re jolly good at roasting hogs and lamb, making salads and serving delicious sauces to go with it all, and that’s simply because we love meat, and care deeply about its taste, quality and the experience of savouring every last juicy mouthful. Having said this, the Hog Roast Camden ethos is all […]

We’ve just had just over a year of wonderful event planning and running here at Big Roast London, and we love what we do. We particularly enjoy hearing all the lovely feedback from our satisfied clients, stating that our food and service was above and beyond their expectations, and that their guests left happy. It’s […]