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Summer, a time for festivity and celebration. Yes, the warm weather in London might pass in a month or two but we believe that we can accomplish a lot in a mere month or two. To celebrate this beautiful time of the year, we extend to you, our beloved and valued customers a 10% discount. […]

Big Roast offers affordable and delicious roast packages. We are able to provide catering for any occasion, no matter the size! Besides enjoying the meat hot off the grill accompanied by our gourmet salads, why not make burgers or wraps! Serve your guests mouth-watering hog, spit or lamb roast meat on a bun or in […]

We’re famous for our hog roasts in and around London, the question remaining is have you tried our lamb roast? We love bringing people together over a good plate of food. Our lamb roasts are ideal for smaller gatherings of 50 or less people. The Big Roast chef will arrive at your venue four hours […]

We all know that spicing is an important element to every spit, hog or lamb roast. Big Roast are here to help you enhance your spicing techniques. Spit, lamb and hog roasts need to be carefully spiced to ensure the juiciness and succulence of the meat remains. Remember that hog roasts are already packed with […]

  Deciding on having a hog roast is the easy part! Deciding on which meat to use is on the other hand is the hardest part, well unless you already have your ultimate favourite.Big Roast has two types of meat which can be used for the roast. Hog Roast Hog Roasts are a generally desired […]

Beer – it’s one of the oldest brewed beverages in the world and for good reason. Not only is there a variety of culture and history intertwined in beer, it also adds enjoyment to your party (if drunk responsibly, of course!) and it can even enhance the taste and flavour of food. If you are […]

The Hog roast subpage has all the information about our silver packages and Lamb Roast options. We have created these packages, so that whenever you have an upcoming event you have a ready deal. Here is what we offer. The first thing is the Silver Lamb Package. This can be a whole lamb, or three lamb […]

Organising the office Christmas party can be a nightmare. If you’re selected for this no-pressure-but-get-it-right-or-else task, the chances are you’ll be kept awake at night with images of snowballs and vodka fountains, dancing Christmas crackers and lists of caterer’s menus, all of which you really don’t need. Why not give yourself (and your colleagues) a […]

As the general public are still licking their wounds post-budget announcements, it seems that those in charge of our money are still able to tuck into a delicious, filling lamb roast whilst they discuss the financial future of our country. The nick-named “quad-meeting”, so called because of the four major political players present at the […]

There’s nothing the Big Roast team like better than a good old load of nice food- which is why we’ve been getting very excited about the Pizza Express Create a Pizza challenge that has been taking place over the past couple of months. The competition has given anyone and everyone from all over the UK […]