Charcoal Spit Roast Machines For SaleBig Roast are pleased to be able to now offer our highly successful charcoal spit roast machine for sale. We have developed this bespoke machines alongside a South African manufacturer

These robust and cost effective units are ideal for roasting pork or lamb loins, or whole chickens. The spit roast machine using charcoal and has an electric motor which powers the rotating spits.

The motor in the UK is manufactured in the UK and is of high quality. Although the motor is the preferred way of using a spit roast machine, the spits can be turned manually if required.

The motor and spikes on these units are made from stainless steel, and the main body of the machine from steel. The legs are made from galvanised steel, to keep weight to a minimum.

The legs and motor of the spit roast machine are fully detachable making the machine very easy to transport from event to event. Further flexibility is provided by the handles on the body of the machine and machine motor. We use these machines across London where ease of access is often a major consideration when getting to a venue.

The spit roast machine must be washed and dried after use and can be stored in a very small area once the legs have been removed. The machine weighs approximately 25 kgs in total.

Prices start at £1,700 and we offer full training to customers who purchase machines from us.

To order your spit roasting machine either contact us using our online form or call 020 3096 8962.


(Please note that the images below are a used charcoal spit roaster unit that shows some signs of usage, customers purchasing will receive a brand new machine)


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