HOG ROAST MACHINE HIRE As well as providing a complete roasting service Big Roast now also hire machines. We provide you with all the necessary equipment to conduct your very own hog roast event. We have a range of hiring options available for those wishing to follow in the footsteps of our skilled, expert chefs. We can also provide you with whole hogs, lambs or chickens for your roast. We will prepare your pig so it is ready for you to cook, carve and serve. After some brief instructions your pig roast, lamb roast or spit roast will be ready to go. For those interested in hiring hog roast machines for your very own DIY hog roast fill in an online contact form or call our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff on 020 3096 8962.

HOG ROAST MACHINE PURCHASE If you have sampled Big Roast’s delicious roasting service and cannot spend a weekend without another roast in your life Big Roast can provide machines to buy. Hog roast machines are available to order from £2,400. For pictures of the machines Big Roast can provide and more information on hog roast machine specifications follow the link – machine purchase.

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