Big Roast have been working alongside our sister company – English Meat – since 2006 in ensuring that we source the best hog roast meat available in the UK. The free-range meat we supply customers is of the highest quality.

We can spit roast almost any type of meat but find that most customers like the idea of a traditional hog roast.

English Meat supply us with a great range of free range pork & lamb every week and cater for more specific meat requests.

Big Roast were one of the first hog roast companies to be fully in control of our meat provenance and full details can be supplied to customers on request.


Information on our hogs

Our pork takes almost twice as long as the large white factory pork to reach maturity. Due to the time given and spent on our pigs we remain confident that the flavour is proved in the eating.

The hogs are reared outside with individual shelter and bedding given to each litter. They are raised on organic vegetable and cereal stock feed and are given the natural freedom to roam and root.


Information on our lamb

Our milk and grass-fed free-range lamb is second to none, grazed over large areas in rich clover pastures in the Suffolk countryside.

We hang our lamb for two weeks, allowing it to mature wonderfully on the bone for a sweet and tender taste that is hard to beat.


Big Roast is London’s leading provider of spit roasts, lamb roasts and hog roasts. We can cater events from 20 people up to 400 people – within London and up to 20 miles outside the M25.

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