A selection of hog roast videos from Big Roast events. We hope that these give new customers a better idea of what to expect from a Big Roast event.

In 2012 Big Roast commissioned a professionally-made hog roast video so we could show our customers just how good our Hog Roasts are! This videos also helps customers understand the potential look and feel of a Big Roast event when they are looking to purchase from us.

A Spit Roast event – London, July 2011

A Hog Roast event – London, August 2011

A Spit Roast event – London, May 2011

A Hog Roast event – London, August 2009

We hope you enjoyed the hog roast videos and found them somewhat enlightening. Big roast hopes to add many more videos in the hope to show just how good our roasts really are. They will also help give a better picture of the sorts of venues we visit regularly and be useful when planning your next event.

For more about what our customers say, please be sure to visit our customer references page at www.bigroast.com/customer-references/ or you can view our independent Google Reviews here

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