Classic Salads

A classic salad is always a delicious accompaniment to any hearty meal. We offer a selection of crisp and crunchy classic salads at great prices, and all our salads are freshly prepared by a Leith trained chef.

Complement your event and impress your guests with our selection of fresh salads at £1.60 per person. All our salads are subject to a minimum order of 40 servings and you can mix and match as you please.

If the classic salad is too traditional for you and are looking for something a little bit more luxurious and sophisticated, we also offer delicious premium salads.



A fresh green salad containing mixed seasonal leaves, cucumber, green beans, and peas with a mild honey and balsamic dressing.



Everyone loves potato salad, and ours is a classic combo of new potatoes, finely diced shallots and parsley in a creamy mayonnaise dressing



A traditional cabbage and carrot coleslaw with added spring onions and a creamy mayonnaise dressing.
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