Big Roast are here to provide you with a mouthwatering traditional hog roast. As London’s original spit and hog roast company we are passionate about delicious tasting meat. “What is your secret Big Roast?” we hear you say… Well we can’t tell, but we can give you a little history behind the unique taste of our hog and spit roasts:

It’s taken over 10 years for Big Roast’s chefs to find the perfect combination of marinades and spices to achieve our secret sauce. We keep the recipe locked up in a Vault for only the eyes of the Big Roast tribe. But trust us, it’s totally tasty and something to write home about.

Our freshly sourced free range meat is generously basted in our secret sauce hours before it is slowly roasted by our trained chefs. Choose from either traditional hog, lamb or spit roasts and get ready to impress your guests.

Did you know as well as ordering a delicious spit, hog or lamb roast from us, you can also order canapes, salads and desserts. That’s right, order the whole lot from Big Roast and sit back and let us do all the rest.

With over 10 years’ experience within the catering industry and being one of London’s original spit and hog roast company, we really are your go to when it comes to planning your next event. Go on, book your next event with us and enjoy a traditional hog roast completely hassle free.

For more information on our meat options and services you can give one of our friendly customer care team a call on 020 3096 8962. Alternatively, you can fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Big Roast
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