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Big Roast has recently received some enquiries on the provenance of the hogs and lambs used in our speciality roasts. A professional roaster knows that the quality of meat is important and Big Roast is proud to let everyone know the source of our superb supply. In fact Big Roast is so confident of the […]

Lamb Roasts are incredibly popular with people who want the hog roast experience, without having to invite 100 guests or more to tackle all the food. Big Roast is London’s original lamb roast specialist and is capable of providing a suitable roast solution for any social gathering. If you would like to find out more about Big Roast’s […]

Hog Roast enquiries contain a lot of questions, from the straight forward: “Are you available on this date?” to the obscure “Can you spit roast a goat?” Big Roast is always on hand to an answer your hog roast questions either by phone or through the contact us section of our website. To improve our […]