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Imagine a beautiful wedding with an outdoor setting on a warm Autumn day with the smell of fresh flowers and delicious hog roast. Surely not only do you want to have a beautiful wedding that will impress all of your guests, but also a great dinner that will give them all the energy they need […]

For one Louisiana school, a traditional hog roast was always a great way to celebrate a football win, particularly as it was chance to taunt their opponents…that is, until the hog roast feast was banned two years ago. On 15th October, Bunkie High School Panther Club will once again rolled  up their sleeves and tucked […]

Punters who braved the September weather in order to bring joy and happiness to a Saturday afternoon last weekend at Tisbury carnival were certainly not let down, as all their senses were treated to the spectacular array of delights that were on offer for all to see and sample. Prior to the main event of […]

Big Roast, London’s original hog roast, lamb roast and spit roast company based in Wimbledon  would like to share our favourite events photos. Please visit our Events Photos  Gallery here. Big Roast likes to provide a complete service for its customers so if you have any requests questions or queries that can’t be answered from […]

Who would’ve thought that during our time of skimping and saving that the humble piggy would be helping to see us through? Research conducted by The Independent shows that throughout this year, the hog roast has made a comeback, as companies can feed hundreds of people for a fraction of the price of a sit […]

Big Roast hopes that all of its hog roasts are greeted with vowels like “Oh!” and “Ah!” but this pig roast was actually for the Vowels. Based in Kent this spit roast was yet another sensational success with 75 happy customers ready to feast on our traditional roasting flavours. A whole hog can feed up […]

Hog roasts are considered by most to be for family events – weddings, birthdays and anniversaries – but Streetcar, the self service pay as you go car hire company, know that Big Roast can cater for corporate events as well. Our hog roast was part of a team building event that we think really helped […]

Hog Roasts on the roof of Work Group’s headquarters may not be flying pigs but it certainly was a spectacular site watching our chef Steve wrestle the wind to create another delicious hog roast event. Forty three hog roast eaters were on hand to savour the flavour of a hog roast banquet for Work Group’s […]