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Big Roast caters many surprise party’s and having a hog roast never seems to disappoint. It is always a blast organising a birthday party, and with a Hog Roast you can ensure that the surprise is in full. Having delicious food at a party is an essential part to making it a success. So, how […]

Treat your guests at your Halloween Party with a delicious Spit Roast from Big Roast. This is a great time of the year and we offer great options to ensure that your Halloween Party will be one to remember. You can either choose to have it indoors or outdoors, either way, it will surely be […]

If you want to be original and offer your guests something new and exciting – you can always go with spit or hog roast. But now we offer something more – a non-traditional North African Lamb Roast. This will give you a chance to really impress your guests, because it will introduce them to an […]

Check out the hog roast sub page and get familiar with all that we have to offer. You will probably be drawn to our new “Taste of Italy” package. We have been inspired to bring our customers new and exciting flavours this year. We have already introduced you to the new African Combo, and now […]

Hog roast hire or do it yourself? This question pops up in your head whenever you want to throw a nice party and impress your guests. Here is why it is better to hire a company to throw your party. First of all, not everybody can make a nice roast or BBQ. You have been […]

Last week we have introduced you to what canapés you can find on our hog roast sup page, but we are not finished yet. We have the premium canapés as well. These delicious little treats are perfect if you really want to make an impression on your guests. If you are hosting an office party […]

When you are looking for a hog roast hire, you will probably need the whole package. And by the whole package we mean – everything you can get! Stop here, because we really do have everything you need. We have the most delicious hog roast there is, the best salads, the best vegetarian plates for […]

You are having a party and you have decided to have delicious hog roast hire for your guests. But what about the ones who do not eat meat? Yes, we serve salads with the roasts, but do you think your guests are going to be happy with just salads and bread? Look closely, because we have […]

Summer is almost here and along with the Hog Roast, people are starting to crave a real barbeque. Big Roast offers that service. We feel that sometimes, especially for smaller parties, mixed barbeque can be better than roasts only. This provides variety of food for the party and is perfect for a family get together […]