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Looking for the best spit roast and caterers in town? You can put a stop on your search right now, for you have found them. The team of Big Roast welcomes you to its website and is pleased to present the new events photo session. When looking for a caterer for their party, people are […]

Here at BigRoast.com we like to share our knowledge on roasts. We may be the leading professionals in hog and spit roasts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love to cook delicious and relaxed roasts at home on a Sunday for our families and we know you do too so here are a few tips to get […]

Are you hosting a dinner party and don’t know what to cook? Instead of watching Come Dine With Me and flicking through countless recipe books, why not take a leaf out of BigRoast.com’s cook book and delight your dinner guests with a main course of spit roast? A spit roast will be an exciting way to entertain your guests […]

This year promises to be bigger and better than 2009 – there’s so much to look forward to, new designs for cars, clothes and appliances as well as new never before seen holiday destinations! But what’s surprising is that spit roasts are fastly becoming the catering option of choice for many corporate and sporting events for […]

Do you have a special event or occasion around the corner that you’d like to have catered? Perhaps it’s a wedding or a small celebration with your family. Whatever the reason, there’s always room for a spit roast to feed your guests with! Why pay hundreds and thousands of pounds for a massive catering team […]

Spit roasts used to be a very popular way to celebrate a special occasion, however there was a time where the humble disappeared from our catering options. They were seen to be almost an uncool, old fashioned backyard bbq than a stylish way to feed guests. Nowadays, the spit roast is back and it’s proving […]

Big Roast, London’s best hog roast company understands that, although we may be the original roaster in the capital, we didn’t invent the pig roast and its essence comes from the medieval invention of roast boar. Obviously Big Roast likes to use more advanced cooking equipment but surprisingly roasting methods are often the same as […]

Spit roasts don’t come much bigger than this event at The Cambria’s Big Lunch event in Camberwell, South London. Big Roast, London’s leading spit roast, lamb roast and hog roast specialist, was on hand to provide a spectacular hog roast and delicious spit roast for this massive spit roast event. Not only was this spit […]

Big Roast is London’s spit roast specialist. We provide the best hog roasts, lamb roasts and spit roasts across London and last weekend was no exception. Traveling out to Kent we cooked up a beautiful lamb roast for this outdoor event. Complemented with a selection of salads we’d like to think that the Bermingham’s lamb […]